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When heading out with the family to an event, do you carry a sewing needle in your purse? Just in case you run into a jump castle? Have you ever taken your kids to a shadow puppet performance only to find the theme involves obscene gestures of the Middle Ages? How about spending an entire paycheck on games, food, drink in one afternoon so your little ones can attend a "free" event around town?? Ever told the kids that you can't take them to the local pizza joint/arcade because a band of wild cats ate their mascot?

Our mission at is to provide a parent/kid calendar of events in and around the Charleston area, a LOCAL calendar that takes families outside of the norm. Who says kids events have to be boring for parents and vice versa? We want families, of every background, to come together and experience the art, culture, and food that Charleston has to offer. Let's also not forget all of the wonderful charitable organizations here in the lowcountry...we list all of the local fundraisers that are important to lowcountry residents! From movies at the library to our city's annual events, we'll let you know where to go and for what age it is appropriate (and whether or not it will hold kid's/parents interests, as well as if it's worth the price). In addition, we will be reviewing kid friendly restaurants that don't package toys with their food, and don't pretend like they can't find the highchair. Visit our "Kids Eat Cheap" calendar to find out what local restaurants have kid-friendly specials!

Charleston offers so many fun and educational activities for our kids, but who has the time to gather and sort through all of the monthly calenders and schedules from each and every one of Charleston's venues?? Let us do the legwork. We promise to include you in on every bit of insider info we have for whatever it is that you and your family would like to attend. The most important thing is to not waste your valuable family time-this is our number one goal. We are all in this together, packing up the kids to enjoy your day together should be joyful, not stressful. Let's have fun and make some memories that will truly last a lifetime. We also personally update our LOCAL events calendar on a daily basis, so be sure to check it every single day!

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Cheap Eats

Thu Oct 23
Paisano's Pizza Grill
Thu Oct 23 @03:30 -
Thursday Teen Cafe
Thu Oct 23 @04:00 -
North Towne Grill & Seafood
Thu Oct 23 @04:00 -
Sweetwater Cafe
Thu Oct 23 @04:00 -
Kickin' Chicken
Thu Oct 23 @05:00 - 08:00AM
Earth Fare
Thu Oct 23 @05:45 -
Holy City Bluegrass Cruise
Thu Oct 23 @08:00 -
'Young Frankenstein'
Thu Oct 23 @08:00 -
Fri Oct 24 @03:30 -
Friday Fun Day!